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Maria had a knowing from a very early age that she had a special gift to share with the world.

George and Helen migrated to Australia in the 1960s, seeking a better life.

Maria and her brother Bill were the products of this loving connection.

She was raised in Preston in a shop dwelling, where her mother created a successful hairdressing business. In the 70's she was a charismatic young child, growing up amongst women from all walks of life.

Her mother's customers introduced Maria to a world of creativity, ballet dancing, drama, music, calisthenics and even gymnastics that enhanced her confidence.

Very intuitive in her younger years, she always felt different to other children. Her role in primary school was that of mother hen; looking after children who were alone in the playground, always comforting their tears of sadness.

One of her earliest memories, as young as five, is sitting on the step of her mother's hairdressing salon telling her clients, "I am going to be a psychologist when I grow up" or a "nun". Many of them would laugh, hoping she would choose to be a psychologist. Going back in time, she can see clearly now she was still living her past life.

As a teenager, she experienced many hang-ups about her self worth. Maria was very self-conscious about her body, as she was repeatedly told to go on diets. These words "she is pretty if only she could lose weight", were recorded deeply into her subconscious. These words affected her self-esteem, always wondering why people couldn't accept her for who she is.

Her mother tried to numb this pain by taking her to doctor's and psychiatrists trying to find solutions for her weight gain.

She was admitted into hospital to lose weight by her local GP and then off to Gloria Marshall figure salons at twelve. Maria was very angry and deeply hurt with her mother's actions. She spent lots of hours in therapy, working with her inner child to forgive her.

Eventually all these experiences led her down the path of therapist in order to teach the world to love themselves as they are. Maria is fascinated with the workings of our mind. Trying so hard to understand why one day she would say "I am going on a diet" and the next moment she would be obsessed over chocolate. This irrational behavior really perplexed her, causing her to embark further on her journey of self Discovery.

Maria studied psychology where she felt confronted with her whole existence.

It was during this phase in her life where she wanted to run away from her authentic self.

Fortunately her charismatic personality opened new doors to the corporate business world where she was very successful.

However, it was during this successful corporate time where Maria experienced her most defining moment. She yearned for change for she was faced with emptiness in her heart, when her path crossed with that of a psychotherapy student. This synchronicity led her to her mission to heal.

During this encounter Maria instantly felt the knowing that she wasn't living her life's purpose. Maria was blessed to meet her mentor Mr. Jim Goulding.

A Master Hypnotist who encouraged her to commence further studies. She felt invigorated and renewed with her decision. She left the corporate world and reclaimed her power in doing what she loved… She was helping people!

That led Maria to become a qualified counsellor/hypnotherapist practicing now for more than two decades. Her diverse experiences in wellness, coupled with her passion have exposed her to a global client base and a series of wellbeing workshops.

Her life's work is dedicated to inspiring people to connect with spirit. She will unveil their inner strengths suggesting insights to conquer and ignite their passion for living the life they were born to live.

She knows that there are people out there struggling with deep wounds. She travels the world with her gifts on a mission to get people in touch with their innate power to heal themselves.