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- Initial counselling session (90 minutes)   |   AU$200

- Counselling session (60 minutes)   |   AU$150

- Hypnosis (90 minutes)   |   AU$200

- Past life regression (90 minutes)   |   AU$200

- Energy healing (60 minutes)   |   AU$120

- Psychic readings (60 minutes)   |   AU$100


Mystical healing (120 minutes)   |   AU$250

Discover an alternative therapy approach, which combines science with intuition to release your past and blocked suppressed emotions. It is you birth right to live life with purpose.

  • Psychic reading and life coaching
  • Energy healing

Past life clearing healing (150 minutes)   |   AU$300

Past life therapy may be the answer to many of your existing unexplained challenges you are experiencing.

It can help you to connect with your higher self and disconnect with lessons no longer serving you in this lifetime.

  • Energy healing
  • Past life regression
  • Counselling 30 minutes

Group psychic readings available.