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Having met Maria Vrasidas for professional and personal development services in 2015 has impacted my life with positive and powerful energy that will have a permanent place in my life.

Maria’s skills in getting the best out of people, and her gift of healing are very special, powerful and insightful.

I highly recommend Maria to anyone seeking peace and harmony in their life on a personal level, and higher purpose development on a business and professional level.

Life is a challenge and Maria has empowered me, and no doubt all her valued clients, to overcome challenges that we all face in our individual journeys in life.

I look forward to our ongoing relationship which I have found very rewarding and I feel very privileged to have met such a gifted individual.

Nicholas Stojanovski
Chairman & CEO 
Global8 Investment Group

Everytime I used to walk past Maria's place, I was drawn to it and finally one day I gathered the courage to go and meet her.Surprisingly she agreed to meet me on that day only and since then I go to her whenever I get the `calling`.

Maria made me realise the several blocks I had in my life and with her help and guidance I have been working over them. There have been so many positive changes in my life especially in my studies and in the relationship with my boyfriend. Maria taught me everything is in our minds, if we believe we can we certainly will and we must also learn to love ourselves first.

Thank you for everything darling for being my support, my mentor.

Everyday, our life give us opportunities to learn more about ourselves. But there is also sometimes when these moments are more intense. Like if we had no choice but to face it, feeling so small in front of this mountain to climb. We face important decisions, or painful experiences which put ourself in serious mental, spiritual or psychological difficulties. We all go finally through these tough times. But sometimes we seek for help and usually life is pushing us to whom can help us.

I met Maria in such circumstances. Although I found someone that was listening to me, guiding me through the rough time, I also founded a spiritual mentor who opened my eyes into a new world. I learned things that none of our society traditional teacher would teach us. I got to learn really who I am.

Meeting regularly Maria didn`t become an addiction, neither an easy way to get answers, but a challenge to dig into myself, more and more, to learn my life lessons. This experience has been a challenge of self discovery, a way to understand my life purpose. I also got to know, understand and accept what the universe is and my place in the middle of it.

Maria has been since a caring ear, a supportive friend, and a gorgeous soul to connect to. But keep in mind, kicking asses is her speciality, so you are warned, you will be facing your real personality, weakness and fears. But you will get to know your inner child, learn to love yourself, and slowly love your life again.

Good luck on your life path.

Nick Brahier - Managing Director JAG Process Solutions

Maria has given me the strength to dig deep in the sea of my soul to find out who I am and what is right for me. I have learned many tips to deal with life in general. I learned how to "tune into myself", trust my gut and not wear my heart on my sleeve. I take her tools with me and I use them as I proceed through life. On many occasions I have reached back when a bit of confusion sets in and sorted things out. 

Maria works in layers and dimensions of the past and present that are truly amazing. Maria is extremely perceptive and compassionate when it comes to her work and that I truly love about her!!I believe everyone could benefit from her unique and insightful perspectives.

I am very blessed to have her in my life!!

Voula Tourtsakis

Maria for me has become an imperative part of my journey in finding my life path and understanding the obstacles that come before me. I have attained material wealth, spiritual wealth and guidance on many occasions due to the advice Maria has given me. A truly gifted soul that often operates outside this physical realm as we know it. Her connection to the source is overwhelming and powerful. Maria has definitely helped my to heal myself and allow life to be lived to fullest potential . Thank you Maria . Blessed to know you.

Paula Theodore

Maria is an astute, intuitive and highly recommended compassionate counsellor. Not only is she able to get to the cause of issues and help you move forward successfully, she counsels with grace and humour that is infectious. Maria has soul ,passion and a sincere dedication in helping those who want to shine their light.

Melva Ouliaris - Author

Where to start with you Maria....
You are a sensational soulful and spicy being. I have been extensively supported and guided by Maria through the therapeutic process in such an eccentric and esoteric way. Maria has provided me with thorough and in depth meaning which is difficult to grasp in our chaotic lifestyles . Maria delves deep into the murky waters of the subconscious to understand our spiritual and psychological experience in this world. I am grateful and honoured that I met such an experienced pioneer in the field of psychotherapy as well as spirituality.

There is always a method to her madness...so enjoy the ride as well as the ride to uncovering who you truly are. Maria has been supportive and challenging when guiding me to clear away fear and self limiting beliefs in this lifetime so I can release my full potential and love me!!

Thank you Maria, I don`t know where I would be today, if it weren`t for your unconditional positive regard and manic models of psychotherapy!!

Lindita Muaremi

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" - Buddhist Proverb

The timing and purpose at which I met you was LITERALLY perfect. Generally speaking, it takes me quite sometime to connect with people at a deeper level and comfortably open up to about my own personal matters, but with you, it took me no longer than the first instant at which we first met. I believe it is because of your big heart and honest feelings, which has brought so much change and growth into my life. Your deeply profound passion for what you do SHINES out bright like a diamond through your wisdom. And let`s not forget that your influential bright outlook in life is a reflection of your pure soul, and it is what keeps you uniquely different from others, I believe. Mariah, you`ve been such a great blessing in my life and I sincerely thank God for giving you to me. I`d pray endlessly to God to bless me with more pure souls in my life like yours. Much Love.


Beautiful amazing lady. Extremely personable. You cant help but love her. Wish there were more in the world like her!

Deb Horton

Maria had so much energy and was really a lovable person with such enthusiasm.

Marilyn Stapleton