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Energy healing is a natural therapy option for people looking for a holistic approach for their health and well being.

It is a gentle therapeutic technique directed from ancient teachings or wisdoms to clear and balance the body`s energy systems.

Energy healing is considered as the deepest and most effective practice for releasing physical and emotional issues.

Maria intuitively heals your deep wounds, breaking through this suppression that can hold you back to HealOneSelf.

She is renowned for her unique healing abilities to reconnect people to feel and know the answers, which will guide them to their empowerment.

Discover an alternative therapy approach that combines science with intuition to release your past and blocked suppressed emotions. It is you birthright to live life with purpose.

Energy healing benefits:

  • Releases negative energies
  • Aura cleansing
  • Mind clarity
  • Inner child healing
  • Soul integration
  • Releases limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Deals with repressed emotions
  • Expands your awareness and intuition
  • Relieves your stress
  • Breakthrough Suppression
  • Letting go of self sabotage
  • Increases your self worth
  • Emotional clearing of past

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