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Maria is a psychic medium who channels with spirits, guides and angels and shares her communication with you. She will provide you with information about your future, only if your loved ones, spirits or angels give it to her.

She works with her heart. Maria is deeply grateful that she can let go of her ego and communicate with these spirits for your benefit.

A reading with Maria can assist you to see your options regarding relationships, work, health and your life's purpose.

She encourages your to trust your intuition when making a decision for a reading.

Maria is very connected with Zen Tarot for it reveals to her your subconscious blocks that are holding you back. She uses them in her reading so you can visually see these as messages.

Once you have met with Maria, she works from the highest intention of knowing; you have crossed her path for a reason. She hopes her information assists you in understanding your destiny, with confidence and self-love.

Readings are available at HealOneSelf wellbeing Centre, on Skype or phone.