Transformational healing is truly a gift to you.

Whether you want to increase your confidence or you want to make a significant career or life change, come in and meet Maria. She can help you overcome all mental blocks you may be encountering, stopping you from moving forward in life. Not only is her method effective at eliminating fears and phobias, it strengthens the relationship you have with yourself.

At HealOneSelf Wellbeing Centre, Maria will empower you to heal from any physical, emotional and psychological traumas you may have experienced in your journey through life.

There is counselling, hypnotic therapy, which includes past life regression, energy healing and psychic readings.

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Our Services



Hypnosis is a very helpful therapeutic technique giving people tools and the know how to think in a positive, productive, motivational and self-healing way to find insight to their issues.


Psychic Reading

Maria is a psychic medium who channels with spirits, guides and angels and shares her communication with you. She will provide you with information about your future, only if your loved ones, spirits or angels give it to her.



There is so much more to life than feeling overwhelmed with your present worries. During these stressful times your ability to think about and see situations clearly is often clouded by a haze of confusion.


Online Counselling

Online Counselling is a valuable service, which you can access for a virtual face-to-face therapy session. You can see, hear and interact with me from your own private quiet space without the need to travel.


Energy Healing

Energy healing is a natural therapy option for people looking for a holistic approach for their health and well being.


Past Life Therapy

Past life therapy may be the answer to many of your existing unexplained challenges you are experiencing.

Maria will help you heal